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Jattoo Red Rice Recipe


  • 20 gm butter

  • 2 small peeled,finely chopped red onion

  • salt as required

  • 2 tablespoon virgin olive oil

  • 2 de seeded,finely chopped red pepper

  • 2 cup red rice


  • To make this tasty red rice recipe, place a saucepan over a high flame and boil the water. In another saucepan placed over medium flame, heat the butter along with oil.

  • Once hot enough, turn up the heat and add the onion along with red pepper. Stir fry until softened or slightly browned.

  • After about 6 minutes, reduce the heat, add the rice and mix well. Then, add the boiling water to the rice and stir again. Season with salt to taste.

  • Once it reaches the simmering point, i.e. just before it starts boiling, cover the pan with the lid and let it cook.

  • After about 40 minutes, turn off the heat and leave the rice undisturbed for 15 minutes.

  • Once done, your Red Rice is ready. Garnish with spring onions and watercress. Serve hot!

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