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About Us

Bringing Himalayan Heirloom Harvests to You

THAPASU Foods aims at introducing ‘powerful plants’ from the Himalayas by making them ‘accessible for all’ through our researchers developed food and drinks. We work in close partnership with Farmers, Scientists, Industries and Government to bring the best Product to our consumers.

Power food as medicine - For centuries local healers and ‘amchi’s’ have been using powerful plants from the locality to treat a numerous diseases and ailments. THAPASU Foods brings this knowledge packaged serve to your everyday food need.

Know your Food - The best medicine you can give your body is the best food. While we say so, our products provide all the information you need to know about what your body consumes.

Natural - Our products are traditionally cultivated and harvested while being chemical free. We believe in protecting the age old farming practices the remote villages in the mountains are still practicing. With traditions comes chemical free food harvests. THAPASU strives to protect these practices through knowledge transfer and protection through value creation channels.

Sustainable - We keep highest ethical standards and work with sourcing partners who believe and work towards a shared vision. We use biodegradable packaging and organic prints where ever possible.

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Our Founders

Amshu CR

A post grad in MBA from Cardiff Business School with 6years of international business expertise. A passionate artist, chef and chosen farming as profession now. Based out of Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

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Meena HN

A professional farmer for past 15 years with core expertise in natural farming techniques and working closely with native produces of the western ghats region in Karnataka. Based out of Mysuru, Karnataka. 

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A bunch of passionate experts in their fields from farmer to social media expert to marketing & sales expert.

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