Seabuckthorn is a golden orange wild berry endemic to the Trans-Himalayan mountains of Leh, Lahaul & Spiti. Seabuckthorn berry concentrate extracted in the wild fields of the Himalayas is rich in immunity-boosting Vitamin C. Contains a small number of preservatives to help increase the self-life to 12 months under refrigeration. Once cooked the preservatives evapourate out leaving orginal produce.


Recommended cooking before using this on simmer heat for 5 minutes, keep temperatures below 42 deg C while cooking so as not to lose out on its antioxidant properties. Check out the nutrition profiling on the back of the packaging to know all about this 'Miracle Berry' from the cold deserts of our country. 

SB.t Original Pulp

500 Milliliters
  • Make sure to store under refrigeration once the bottle is opened. Please do not consume if turned dark orange. It has started fermentation. If the lid pops in force then discard the liquid or can be used to make wines and ferments.