Short grain Kullu origin rice sourced directly from our farmers in Himachal Pradesh

Kullu Jattoo Redrice

1 Kilogram
  • Jatto variety of Red Rice cultivated in the higher terraces of Kullu valley. The husk, rich in iron, imparts the red colour to the grain.  

    This variety also has high magnesium & potassium content. 

    We hope you enjoy the nutty flavour!


    Red Rice consumption is known for the following benefits :

    • Reduces inflammation

    • Prevents cancer

    • Helps with weight management.

    • Strengthens metabolism

    • Treats migraine

    • Lowers blood pressure

    • Lowers risks of heart attacks

    • Maintains healthy bones and teeth

    • Prevents arthritis & osteoporosis

    • Protects the body against infections.


    * Disclaimer: the above is an indicative list