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Himalayan Heirloom Harvests
In the summer of 2016 amidst the mighty snow-capped Himalayas, we discovered its hidden treasures that changed our lives forever - indigenous local produces. These were one of its kind, unique food items that are medicinal, nutritious, and extremely delicious.

Sitting in the cosy Spitian kitchen of our homestay in Kibber, we discovered the soul-warming Sattu for the first time. And then, one thing led to another, the conversation became deeper and we explored a whole lot of local staples of the Himalayan Range like Sea Buckthorn, Kullu Jattao Red Rice, Spiti Barley Sattu, Spiti Black Peas, Morel Mushrooms, Rosehip to name a few. 

Our conversations with the local farmers made us realise the gap in the food market for such indigenous ingredients that only grow in these regions. While the city dwellers are unaware of these nutritional produces, the local farmers lack guidance in creating a system to make their products accessible to the bigger market. Lack of awareness and demand for these foods has led the farmers to shift to modern in-demand crops. We saw this as a problem of losing the age-old cultivation techniques of these indigenous foods. That’s when Thapasu was born.

To get connected, 

Thapasu is a supply-chain integrator of native agricultural produces of Himachal Pradesh based out of Manali, Himachal Pradesh. We aim to preserve ancient knowledge of indigenous food and farming techniques of the numerous tribes from Himachal Pradesh that we work with. 


We set up a one-stage sales & distribution channel between the rural farmers in the region and the consumers by acting as the only platform in between their heirloom and forest produces and the market. Our company is created with the vision of giving back to the rural agricultural community, generating employment opportunities and helping them improve their overall standard of living through our farmer map system. We work with native and tribal farmers and women's self-help groups to bring the best of their heirloom produces to your plate.

An assortment of heirloom produces from the Western Himalayan ranges packed with nutrients. Cultivated the old way from carefully selected seeds, handed down through generations, lending a greater diversity and colour to our plates.

Buy our range of native produces from the Himalayas sent from the fields of our tribal farmers here!


Stay with our farmers, experience their rich tribal culture & heritage through farming.  Enjoy tribal cuisine - all in the lap of the Himalayas!


Get to know the cultivators of what you consume. The source, the method, and the philosophy of the cultivation process. Meet our tribal farmers digitally where they share the ancient knowledge the process - from seeds to nutrition on your table!


“Its amazing to see I am able to access the food from the mountains right to my door step.”


Mysuru, KA

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