Varieties of Grain
Himalayan Heirloom Harvests

Thapasu is a supply chain integrator of native agricultural produces from Himachal Pradesh. We aim to set up a one-stage sales & distribution channel between rural farmers in the region and the consumers through cluster formation and value creation. We take pride in being one of the very few organisations involved in bringing back natural farming techniques for creating a healthier future. Our vision is to establish a sustainable agri-business model. We plan to achieve our vision by preserving the ancient knowledge & farming techniques of the tribes we work with.


We operate out of Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

An assortment of heirloom produces from the Western Himalayan ranges packed with nutrients. Cultivated the old way from carefully selected seeds, handed down through generations, lending a greater diversity and colour to our plates.


Buy our range of native produces from the Himalayas sent from the fields of our tribal farmers here!

Stay with our farmers, experience their rich tribal culture & heritage through farming.  Enjoy tribal cuisine - all in the lap of the Himalayas!

Get to know the cultivators of what you consume. The source, the method, and the philosophy of the cultivation process. Meet our tribal farmers digitally where they share the ancient knowledge the process - from seeds to nutrition on your table!

β€œIts amazing to see I am able to access the food from the mountains right to my door step.”


Mysuru, KA




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