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Golovko sat down on a chair and began laying out the papers on the table. A minute later, my “TT” was placed in front of him. He took it through a handkerchief and sniffed the barrel, after which he handed it to another sniffer, with a suitcase in his hands

- Do you have a gun permit?

- Of course have! In the same bag is where the gun was. Can you find out what's wrong?

— Do you know Citizen Tikhonova?

- And who is it?

- Until yesterday, she was a casino worker ...

“You mean Sveta, who was killed yesterday?”

Golovko was so delighted that I felt sorry for him. He leaned forward

pierced me with a glance.

How do you know she was killed?

“I was told about it this morning.

Igor caught a bewildered look on her. He stood pressed against the wall with his hands deep in his trouser pockets, looking very unsure of himself.

Golovko rejoiced, he even wiped his sweaty palms with a handkerchief - completely in vain - his hands trembled with excitement, so that he would not have been able to accurately pierce the fourth hole on the chase anyway.



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