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Morchella or Morel mushroom is locally known as Gucchi in Himachal. It is a much sought-after mushroom naturally grows in forests and old orchard fields in the months of March & April. 

It has high nutrition and gastronomical value. Not surpringly, they have the highest amount of vitamin D among all the edible mushrooms. These shrooms are popular for their spongy, honeycomb, texture and unique flavour.

Kullu Dried Morel Mushrooms

SKU: TH00FP00KMM102022
20 Grams
  • Botis, who have been cooking delicacies in Himachal since centuries cook Gucci on auspicious occasions due to its rarity. It is extremely hard to find Gucci in the local markets of Himachal and it is only collected and sourced on special demand. 

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